Web Application Firewalls and first generation API security tools are based on legacy rule and signature based blacklisting approaches, unable to adapt to the sophistication of today’s cyber-criminals.  Spherical Defence applies deep learning to build a dynamic model of each API and its interactions, so we can spot suspicious activities in real-time.  We’re not just protecting you from attacks we’ve already seen, but from those we might see tomorrow.

Introducing Spherical Defence: Real-time protection from API attacks

Spherical Defence offers an alternative approach to WAFs and first generation API security tools. Instead of comparing incoming traffic to a generic blacklist, our software:


Spherical Defence monitors transmitted content in order to understand how your application communicates


Through observation of your application using Artificial Intelligence


Intrusions in real-time, using the extensive knowledge gathered during learning processes


High-risk content automatically, or alerts system operators to the events for informed consideration

APIs: One of the largest cyber vulnerabilities of organisations today

Growth of APIs

Driven by an ever growing need for innovation in cloud, mobile, enterprise and IoT sectors

Reliable Results

Our next-generation security solutions for APIs are based on advanced Artificial Intelligence utilising the latest developments in hardware acceleration for massively parallel computation

Existing Tools Fall Short

Traditional rule and signature based systems, such as existing Web Application Firewalls cannot detect attacks on APIs quickly or accurately enough, leaving millions of users vulnerable