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    Spherical Defence
    Web Application Firewall for Banks using Artificial Intelligence
  • API Security
    powered by
    Deep Learning
  • Detect Unknown

Artificially Intelligent
Banking Security

Realtime Learning

Bespoke Protection

API Security

Web Application Firewall for Structured Data using Deep Learning

Our Next Generation Web Application Firewall learns grammar and syntax of structured data from trusted sources. It establishes a base line and can detect anomalous traffic.

Intrusion Detection

Detect attempts of exploits in Parameters

Neural Networks

Recurrent Neural Networks to Learn regular traffic from trusted data

Anomaly Detection

Deviation from Inferred Grammar considered as anomalous

API Security

Protect your APIs from Code and Logic exploits

Weak Banking Security

The recent hacks reveal the weaknesses in banking security.

Vulnerabiliites in Code and Logic

We've discovered vulnerabilities in 2 of the World's Top 5 Banks

Lack of Semantic IDS for Structured APIs

Current IDS's are generic in nature and don't take semantics into account

Payment Services Directive 2

The EU PSD2 Regulation, mandates 5000 EU Banks have to open up their APIs to the public. This opens up a lot of security vulnerabiites.

API Banking

Today's generation wants access to API Banking, which is an additional endpoint in terms of security.

Advanced Persistent Threats

Attacks by Nation States and highly targetted attacks are prevalant.

Slow Detection of Hacks

Banks detect that they've been hacked after a long time, thus reducing reaction to combat threats.

Error Prone and Expensive Blacklisting Firewalls

Firewalls today rely on Blacklisting and Signatures. However advanced attacks are able to pass through undetected.

Regulatory Requirements

Financial Regulatory bodies impose stringent security requirements on Banks, and there is a high cost of non compliance.
Cyber Attacks Globally
Global Cyber Security Spend (Billion $)
Data breaches Worldwide
Predicted Loss due to Hacks (Billion $)


Deep Learning for Security can be applied to numerous industries


API Security


Inter Device Communication


Communication between Command and Units


Applicance Protection

We've discovered vulnerabilities in 2 out of the Worlds Top 5 Banks

Banking Vulnerabilities

Replay Attack

Divert payment to Malicious Payee

Bypass 2FA and Challenge-Response

Logic Loophole

Mobile OTP Spamming

Unauthorised Login

SQL Injection

XSS Attacks

CSRF Exploits

Appreciation Letter from the Prime Minister of India

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